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Now a day’s UFC is one of the most popular sporting event in the world and UFC Fight Pass is available a lot of countries in the planet like Canada, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Bolivia, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Spain, Colombia, Algeria, Ecuador and more. In USA UFC.TV every Pay Per View event cost is $65 regular price but if you want to watch from Asia like Hong Kong it only cost $25 a event. To use VPN is illegal in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and some other countries but some UFC fans are using VPN from his own way. Here we have found top five best VPN proprietors list you can depend on them.

What is the Process to watch UFC Live stream via VPN:

  1. Download Purchase VPN
  2. Connect to an your VPN server and find the location where UFC TV is available
  3. Go to and purchase the event/fight
  4. Enjoy the UFC Live stream!

Russians have the chance to enjoy free live streaming online of all UFC events which is broadcasted officially by Match TV. However, residents outside the country find it hard to catch up with the live matches. But now you need not worry as there are ways you can trick that TV to think that you are located in Russia. Such only happens when you succeed to bypass the blackouts of UFC. The question is how do you bypass? Below are guidelines on how you can bypass through several ways:

How to watch UFC live from Russia via VPN

This is a case whereby you use a virtual IP address of Russia hence enabling you unblock all content that is geo-restricted while bypassing blackouts which are set on NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and UFC. Below are guidelines on how to setup the VPN:

  1. Begin by signing up with provider of VPNs who provides Russian VPNs.
  2. After creating that account, download then install VPN application on the device you are to use for watching, it could be Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or android and launch that app.
  3. Connect the application to a VPN server in Russia
  4. Search for Match TV site then watch the match live

Watch live via ExpressVPN

There are trusted VPN providers and ExpressVPN is among the providers. Since it’s a VPN, the main aim is bypassing blackouts as well as unblocking content restricted as per geographical area. To succeed in this:

  1. Download the ExpressVPN
  2. Install then connect to server location of that ExpressVPN which avails UFC TV.
  3. Search for the UFC TV events page so as to buy that fight
  4. Watch the match live at your comfort.

Watch UFC live via CyberGhost

Cyber ghost gives you a chance of watching live stream of matches from other countries. The VPN works by generating an IP to fool the sites that you are a resident of the country. It enables connection to 3000 plus servers across the world. How to go about it:

Download the CyberGhost VPN

Connect to the displayed dedicated profile. Here you will click on unblock streaming then select preferred streaming service. Add to the list and pay for the subscription fee to enjoy.

Watch UFC live via NordVPN

It is a VPN which offers plus 300 servers which are used for live streaming of matches including the UFC. It allows you gain access to any location which you wish to at very high security while protected from identification. The VPN offers a subscription which after paying the fee you can now freely enjoy watching the live match. What you need to do is download the application, connect to preferred server as per location then search for the website as anonymous.

Watch UFC live via VyprVPN

Another VPN preferred for use to stream live matches away from the country broadcasting the match. Like any other, it protects your identity from the internet making the website from which you watch from recognize you as part of that country’s residents. It works by protecting your privacy as a user.

How To use this:

Download the application

Install it in the device you are to watch from then launch it.

Connect to the server of intended location

Search for the UFC events page and enjoy fight live.

Before the purchase you need to be aware and learn more about VPN.

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