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Watch UFC Streaming – Ultimate Fighting Championship Online

ufc live stream

How to UFC live stream – Ultimate Fighting Championship online on which devices and cost?

UFC Live Streaming PPV cost $7.99–$9.99 USD per month, Ultimate Fighting Championship via devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android, Xbox, Roku, iPhone, and Chromecast.


Situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a publicity company that promotes American mixed martial arts. It is the most prominent Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) advertising company around the globe featuring fighters of the highest level on its roasters, the parent company William Morris Endeavor owning and running its day to day operations. Moreover, this battling competition comprises of twelve weight divisions which follow rules set by United Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, and as of 2018, it had performed well over 400 events. Its current president of is Dana White, a position he has been holding since 2001. It is under his supervision that UFC has gained worldwide popularity thereby growing into a multi billion-dollar company.

The first UFC match happened in Denver, Colorado back in 1993 at the McNichols Sports Arena. Initially, the aim of this competition was to recognize the most effective martial arts In a tournament whereby these rules are minimal, and competitors come from different battling disciplines such as karate, Muay Thai, judo, wrestling, boxing, sambo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Subsequently,future events, fighters started employing effective practices from a variety of disciplines thereby indirectly helping create an utterly distinct style of brawling currently known MMA . UFC’s parent company, Zuffa was sold In 2016 to a group headed by William Morris Endeavor (WWE-IMG) for 4.2 billion dollars.

The growth into markets such as Asia, Europe, Australia, and new markets within United States together With a TV deal has helped UFC experience an upsurging popularity. Furthermore, it has been able to achieve greater coverage from mainstream media outlets, consequently, this promotion bringing In total revenue of 609 million US dollars In 2015. A contract worth 1.5 billion dollars over a five-year term was signed with ESPN for domestic media coverage rights.

Everything you need to know more about Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) below.

What is the channel for pay per view?

HD on Channel 550, SD on channels 551, español on Channel 553, Fox Sports 1, on DirecTV Channel 123 (HD) and Channel 124 (SD) at 10 p.m. ET.

How much is the pay per view fight pass?

The pay per view cost is $99.95.

How much is a UFC ticket tonight?

The Mixed Martial Arts UFC events tickets ranging from $116 to $691.
How much is the Conor McGregor fight? From $116 to $691.

When is the UFC 229?

The UFC 229 on October 6 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.
How much is Conor McGregor fight on PPV? It is cost $99.95.

How much is UFC Fight Pass?

UFC Fight Pass cost $7.99–$9.99 USD per month.

What is the average UFC ticket price?

The average asking price for UFC 229 tickets is about $2,093.

How much is it to order the PPV fight Pass?

The UFC 229 Fight night has been set at $89.95.

How much does Conor Mcgregor get paid per fight?

$30million for Mcgregor get paid per fight.

Who is the UFC lightweight champion?

Conor McGregor is the UFC lightweight champion.

How many rounds are there in UFC?

UFC have a limit of three rounds and five minutes to a round.

Does UFC Fight Pass have PPV?

You need to visit the link to clear any questions.

Can you watch UFC Fight Night on Fight Pass?

You can watch UFC Fight Night and Fight Pass for just $24.99.

How do I cancel UFC Fight Pass?

Click on the My Account> ufc fight pass page…click My Subscriptions> Cancel Subscription> Yes.

Is UFC Fight Pass on Roku?

You can stream UFC fight pass on Roku, just price of $59.99.

Does UFC Fight pass work on Xbox one and Xbox 360?

Yes, you can get access fot the free Trial of UFC on the UFC.TV app, visit

How do I cancel UFC Fight Pass on Android?

Click on the My Account> ufc fight pass page…click My Subscriptions> Cancel Subscription> Yes.

Can you watch UFC on Amazon Prime?

Yes you can.

What is UFC TV?

UFC TV is a digital subscription service.

What UFC means?

It means the Ultimate Fighting Championship based in Las Vegas and organization of MMA that is owned by William Morris Endeavor.

What is UFC and MMA?

UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship, MMA – Mixed martial arts.

How much is Dana White’s net worth?

Net worth $500 million.

What is the difference between UFC and MMA?

MMA and UFC are interlinked.

How much money is the UFC worth?

UFC worth $4 billion.

Is MMA a boxing?

The boxing fighting is extremely different from the rules of MMA .

How many points is a takedown in UFC?

It is 3 points for each fighter’s.

What’s the difference between MMA and boxing?

MMA and boxing have a large variety of fighting styles.

How much does a MMA fighter make?

Every MMA fighter’s make minimum $5 million per fight.

Who is the current owner of the UFC?

Actor Mark Wahlberg Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, Cam Newton are among new owners of UFC.

How much is the pay per view?

UFC Live Streaming PPV cost $7.99–$9.99 USD per month some times up to $99.95 per event.

How do I cancel fight pass on Iphone?

It is so easy, at first click on the My Account of the UFC FIGHT PASS page after that click My Subscriptions then click Cancel Subscription and said Yes and all done.

How do I access PPV on Comcast?

Go to your subscription account then select Pay-Per-View Events from the main menu then press the OK/Select button (If you do not subscribe to HD service, do not purchase the event in HD), click the Buy icon and press the Exit button.

What is the channel for pay per view?

The pay per view is typically live events that air on in the 500 a specific channel range, for example, type: 993 for WWE. For more detail you can visit from here.

How much does the fight cost?

UFC Fight Night and Fight Pass for just $24.99 and $7.99–$9.99 USD per month.

How do I order pay per view on directv?

You can order a Pay Per View event via text message to 223322 or call 800.531.5000.

Can I watch UFC live streaming on Reddit.

Visit: r/mma

Rules and Regulations

The New Jersey Athletic Control Board enacted original regulations that govern UFC and to this date are still applicable. These set of “Unified Rules of mixed martial Arts” which The New Jersey board created have been implemented across other states which also regulate martial arts, that is, California, Louisiana, and Nevada. Additionally, most of other promotions within United States have also adopted these set rules across different states within the country. Subsequently, this has seen these rules become standard set of regulations to be followed for professional mixed martial art competitions across this country.

Number of Rounds

The length of UFC matches varies,this usually depending on whether a game is for a fight card’s “main event” or a championship title match. However,  all these fights in each round lasts a maximum of five minutes, with championship contests lasting the maximum five rounds. Moreover, starting from UFC 138 on November 5, 2011, non-championship “main event” matches, that is The final fight on The card, The fight would also go for The maximum of five rounds. Nevertheless, non-main events battles go for a maximum of three rounds, but in The event of a stalemate, a fourth “sudden victory” round is held to decide on The winner who gets to advance. Between The rounds is a one-minute resting period.

If you want to know more about upcoming  fight UFC 229, UFC 230, start time, date, main card, latest news, live streaming, PPV info, tickets, championship title winner and more you need to know.

How can you get ways UFC fight via VPN

ufc live

Now a day’s UFC is one of the most popular sporting event in the world and UFC Fight Pass is available a lot of countries in the planet like Canada, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Bolivia, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Spain, Colombia, Algeria, Ecuador and more. In USA UFC.TV every Pay Per View event cost is $65 regular price but if you want to watch from Asia like Hong Kong it only cost $25 a event. To use VPN is illegal in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and some other countries but some UFC fans are using VPN from his own way. Here we have found top five best VPN proprietors list you can depend on them.

What is the Process to watch UFC Live stream via VPN:

  1. Download Purchase VPN
  2. Connect to an your VPN server and find the location where UFC TV is available
  3. Go to and purchase the event/fight
  4. Enjoy the UFC Live stream!

Russians have the chance to enjoy free live streaming online of all UFC events which is broadcasted officially by Match TV. However, residents outside the country find it hard to catch up with the live matches. But now you need not worry as there are ways you can trick that TV to think that you are located in Russia. Such only happens when you succeed to bypass the blackouts of UFC. The question is how do you bypass? Below are guidelines on how you can bypass through several ways:

How to watch UFC live from Russia via VPN

This is a case whereby you use a virtual IP address of Russia hence enabling you unblock all content that is geo-restricted while bypassing blackouts which are set on NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and UFC. Below are guidelines on how to setup the VPN:

  1. Begin by signing up with provider of VPNs who provides Russian VPNs.
  2. After creating that account, download then install VPN application on the device you are to use for watching, it could be Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or android and launch that app.
  3. Connect the application to a VPN server in Russia
  4. Search for Match TV site then watch the match live

Watch live via ExpressVPN

There are trusted VPN providers and ExpressVPN is among the providers. Since it’s a VPN, the main aim is bypassing blackouts as well as unblocking content restricted as per geographical area. To succeed in this:

  1. Download the ExpressVPN
  2. Install then connect to server location of that ExpressVPN which avails UFC TV.
  3. Search for the UFC TV events page so as to buy that fight
  4. Watch the match live at your comfort.

Watch UFC live via CyberGhost

Cyber ghost gives you a chance of watching live stream of matches from other countries. The VPN works by generating an IP to fool the sites that you are a resident of the country. It enables connection to 3000 plus servers across the world. How to go about it:

Download the CyberGhost VPN

Connect to the displayed dedicated profile. Here you will click on unblock streaming then select preferred streaming service. Add to the list and pay for the subscription fee to enjoy.

Watch UFC live via NordVPN

It is a VPN which offers plus 300 servers which are used for live streaming of matches including the UFC. It allows you gain access to any location which you wish to at very high security while protected from identification. The VPN offers a subscription which after paying the fee you can now freely enjoy watching the live match. What you need to do is download the application, connect to preferred server as per location then search for the website as anonymous.

Watch UFC live via VyprVPN

Another VPN preferred for use to stream live matches away from the country broadcasting the match. Like any other, it protects your identity from the internet making the website from which you watch from recognize you as part of that country’s residents. It works by protecting your privacy as a user.

How To use this:

Download the application

Install it in the device you are to watch from then launch it.

Connect to the server of intended location

Search for the UFC events page and enjoy fight live.

Before the purchase you need to be aware and learn more about VPN.

How to Watch UFC Online And Cancellation Procedures

watch ufc online

Everyone likes entertainment and now a day’s the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is one of the most popular sporting event in the world over the Boxing. People like to watch the UFC fight night live with spending thousands of Dollars. We are here for them who wants to watch UFC online. Google trends said that UFC fans are always searching for when is the next UFC event, who will fight in the main card, UFC Fight Pass cost, how to cancel, results and more. You do not need to worry about how to watch UFC live stream online and FAQ’s you need to know, here’s are all the below.

Your wait is finally over because you can stream all the historic UFC fight on your phone, TV or laptop any where you are and how to cancel the subscription with just a few clicks. At first you need to know how UFC is the popular sporting event in the world. It is said that ufc fight pass would become Netflix for fight fans.

William Morris Endeavor is the parent company of UFC with William Morris Endeavor as the owner. UFC features amazing fighters of highest-level. Dana White is president since 2001. UFC also includes includes Art Davie, Bob Meyrowitz, Campbell McLaren, David Isaacs, John Milius, and Rorian Gracie as important people of company. There are 400 events held by UFC. It has gained popularity over years and road to success is an interesting story. It gained popularity gradually and now is successful around world.

Struggle for survival and turnaround

There had been a boost in popularity of Ultimate Fight Championship after purchase of Zuffa. There were DVD releases, corporate sponsorship, cable pay-per-view, subsequent home video, and greater advertising. It got its very first deal of television with Fox Sports Ne. Main event was between Chuck Liddel and Vitor Belfort. It was very first MMA event on cable television of America in year 2002. In month of June, it was aired on the Best Damn Sports Show Period.

The critical event in Zuffa era so far had been UFC 40. It sold around 150,000 pay per view buyers, which is amazing. 13,022 was sellout of this particular event. It attained media attention as well especially from USA Today and ESPN. According to referee of UFC, Big John McCarthy, Ultimate Fight Championship 40 was likely to be turning point for MMA survival in sports of the United States of America However, there had been financial deficits faced by it despite great and huge success of Ultimate Fight Championship 40. There were losses of $34 million by 2004.

The MMA fighter and rise in popularity.

The next step for Ultimate Fight Championship after pay-per-view was television. Fertitta brothers were favorable for it having reality series. TUF, a reality series approached different networks, all of which turned it down until they reach Spike TV. Offer by Spike TV was $10 million as cost of production. However, they had to find an outlet. Season 1 for it was launched in January 2005. It turned out to be a huge success and in fact, it somehow saved future of UFC. First season featured Stephan Bonar and Forest Griffin.

After success of first season, second season was launched in August in very same year. Following year, 2006, there was a launch of next two seasons. There were new seasons every year and in 2012, show finally moved to FX. Ultimate Fight Championship Unleashed was also picked by Spike. Partnership of Ultimate Fight Championship with Spike came to end with partnership between Ultimate Fight Championship and FOX in 2011.

When surging popularity and growth.

UFC 52 was the first event after success of TUF. It had a total of pay-per-view audience equivalent to 300,000. For Ultimate Fight Championship 57 it was 410,000 and for Ultimate Fight Championship 60 in 2006 it was 620,000, for Ultimate Fight Championship 61 it was 775000, for Ultimate Fight Championship 66 there were 1 million buys. With so much popularity, there was a need for increasing executive team for UFC. In 2006, Ultimate Fight Championship had deal with Spike and it purchased WEC, World Extreme Cage fighting, and thus, it was easier for Zuffa to block International Flight League from Versus. Due to this reason, there was no violation of contract. It acquired WFA in same year. Popularity of sports captured attention of sports betting community as well and it came on front cover of ESPN Magazine in 2007.

How a UFC event continued popularity.

UFC gained more popularity in 2009 with Ultimate Fight Championship 90, 91, 92, 94, 98, and 100. Buy for Ultimate Fight Championship 100 were 1.6 million. Rising popularity captured attention of ESPN for coverage of match. There had been few injuries in second half of 2009, which affected popularity somehow but it again gained momentum in 2010. Buys for Ultimate Fight Championship 114 were 1 million pay per view. Ultimate Fight Championship 116 had 1.25 million pay per view. Then there was Ultimate Fight Championship 117, Ultimate Fight Championship 121, and 129. Until now, largest event of Ultimate Fight Championship in history of North America is Ultimate Fight Championship 129, which had revenues of more than $11 million.

Fox contract

There had been a seven-year broadcast contract between Ultimate Fight Championship and Fox Sports, announced in 2011. This particular contract included four events, which were to broadcast on main Fox network. First event of television broadcast was Ultimate Fight Championship on Fox: Velasquez vs. dos Santos. Seven-year contract between Ultimate Fight Championship and Fox Sports would finally end in December 2018 with Ultimate Fight Championship on Fox 31 and would be at Fiserv Forum, which is last event. After this event, there would be a different channel broadcasting events for Ultimate Fight Championship. Viewers have increased over the years for it, which means that it has been gaining popularity with time such that there had been channels willing to sign the contract with the company. Initially, it was Spike, which led doors open.

Enthusiasm era

According to ESPN in May 2016, there had been speculations that main company of Ultimate Fight Championship is selling it for $3 billion to $4 billion but there had been no comments made on sale by White officially. However, there had been an official announcement in July 2016, according to which, it had to be sold to a group led by WME-IMG (Endeavor). Price was $4.2 billion. White remained president and she had 9% ownership with company.

ESPN contract

UFC has now a deal with ESPN and it is for 5 years. It will initiate in January 2019. Value for it is $300 million for linear rights and digital rights. On main platform of ESPN, there would be 42 events. ESPN + will feature different events. It will also hold rights for on-demand rights of archived content as well as library of UFC. There would also be White’s Contender Series. There would also be original and new content as well.

Here is the full information about the upcoming UFC event’s FAQ you are looking for below.

What is the next UFC event?

The Next UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) event is UFC 230.

Where is the UFC 230 event will be held?

The upcoming UFC 230 event will be held on at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

When is the UFC 230 fight on?

The 230 UFC mixed martial arts event will be held on November 3, 2018.

Who will play in the UFC 230 main card?

A UFC Heavyweight Championship bout between Derrick Lewis and Daniel Cormier (c) will play in the UFC 230 main card.

The list of the UFC 230 full fight card

UFC 230 Main Card

Derrick Lewis vs Daniel Cormier (c)
Ronaldo Souza vs Chris Weidman
Jared Cannonier vs David Branch
Jack Marshman vs Karl Roberson
Israel Adesanya vs Derek Brunson

Whose are in the Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Jordan Rinaldi vs Jason Knight
Roxanne Modafferi vs Sijara Eubanks
Sheymon Moraes vs Julio Arce
Welterweight Lyman Good vs Ben Saunders

Early Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Lando Vannata vs Matt Frevola
Kurt Holobaugh vs Shane Burgos
Montel Jackson vs Brian Kelleher
Marcos Rogério de Lima vs Ruslan Magomedov

UFC 230 start time?

UFC preliminary card will be start on 6:00 pm ET and the PPV card will be start on 8:00 pm ET.

What TV channel is the UFC 230 main card on?

The UFC 230 main card will be televised on PPV (Pay-per-view) and the preliminary card live stream on Fox Sports 1 and UFC Fight Pass.


UFC FIGHT PASS is a subscription video-streaming service. It is owned by MMA promotion – Ultimate Fighting Championship. It allows fans to access MMA, live UFC, kickboxing, boxing plus on-demand programming and 24-hour streaming from a library of more than 35 promotions and more than 16,000 fights. It was launched in December 2013. WEC, PRIDE FC, Affliction, Strikeforce, EliteXC and WFA were added in March 2014. Invicta FC, MMA, grappling, kickboxing, and boxing promotions started livestreaming in 2014.

There have been more than 16,000 fights available 24-7 in UFC Fight Pass. Fans worldwide can get live UFC fights via subscription network (UFC Fight Pass) for $7.99-$9.99 a month. You can use devices such as iPhone, Apple TV, Android, Roku, Xbox, Chromestat and Amazon Fire TV.

What are UFC FIGHT PASS prelims?

UFC FIGHT PASS Prelims are opening fights in live UFC event. All UFC cards start with fights that are live exclusively on FIGHT PASS. These includes UFC FIGHT NIGHT events and Pay-Per-View super-cards. Fighters such as Rose Pearson, Diego Sanchez, Jim Miller, Joe Duffy and Dustin Poirier have been featured in UFC FIGHT PASS Prelims.

What other live fight action does FIGHT PASS have?

FIGHT PASS showcases some of the best events in MMA, in addition to exclusive UFC action. There are exclusive live events from Pancrase, Invicta FC, Victory FC, BRACE, Titan FC, EFN, Shooto Brazil, Shooto Japan, Cage Warriors, XFO, Tech-KREP, AFC and Vale Tudo Japan. In addition, FIGHT PASS has live elite kickboxing and submission grappling events coming from EBI and GLORY organizations. FIGHT PASS also streams more than 100 exclusive live sports events every year.

How do I subscribe to FIGHT PASS on XBOX to watch UFC online?

Subscription to FIGHT PASS on Xbox is simple. Start the subscription by going to UFC.TV/XBOX on mobile device or your computer. After subscribing to UFC FIGHT PASS, proceed to UFC.TV application on Xbox, then go to settings. Using your password and email address, login in to UFC.TV.

This will ensure authentication of your subscription. You will be able to access FIGHT PASS on Xbox henceforth.

How to watch UFC online in Australia

To watch UFC live stream you will need to purchase a Main Event pass available on Foxtel and Optus TV. Cost is $54.95.

List of UFC Streaming Services

Fox Sports (United States)
BT Sport (United Kingdom)
OSN (Middle East)
Fight Network (Canada)
ViaPlay (Denmark)
WOWOW (Japan)
MatchTV (Russia)
Globo (Brazil)

Cancellation procedures

You can cancel your subscription on FIGHT PASS any time you want. Visit their “Account Info” page and cancel by expanding the Purchases and Packages sections. Go to UFC.TV and login into your account. Find your name at the top, right corner. Click on the “Account info” icon then scroll down to “Packages and Purchases”. Click cancel link that is next to your applicable subscription.

For iPhone and iPad users, go to applications, then settings, iTunes & App stores, then tap the “View Apple ID” button. Tap the “manage” button in Subscriptions. You will see where you can cancel your subscription. If you would wish to request for a refund, contact iTunes through this link: Select iTunes, go to iTunes Store, tap on “Purchases, Billing & Redemption”, and select “Apple ID account billing”. You will get prompts that will guide you in setting up a call with them.

For Android App, go to, click on “Bills and accounts” on left side of the screen. Pick your subscription and click on “cancel subscription”. For additional information, go to

For Amazon Fire App, visit the following link for all your questions about subscription and cancellation:

You can also reach Amazon Customer care by calling: 1 (888) 280-4331.

How to contact UFC official

You ca contact via email [email protected] and Live Chat Help.

How to cancel UFC TV

At first provide a clear description of your concern with including your name and contact information including mailing address, email, phone number and send to [email protected] or visit closed captioning page.